Attention Users

The ERCOT Market Information System (MIS) provides three levels of information: Public, Secure, and Certified. Public information, including the searchable ERCOT Market Information List (EMIL), is accessible to all. Secure and Certified information can only be accessed by logging in to the MIS using a Digital Certificate.

Need Help Logging In?

Contact ERCOT Client Services at or (512) 248-3900.

Contact your User System Administrator (USA) or Authorized Representative within your organization. If you are a USA, email or or call (512) 248-3900.

Contact your ERCOT Account Manager or ERCOT Client Services at or 512-248-3900.

Browser Information:

The new MIS functions on both Chrome and Internet Explorer version 9 and above. If you are using a version of Internet Explorer OLDER than 9, please reference ERCOT's IE Configuration Guide, as the new MIS site does not work correctly on older versions of Internet Explorer, or open the website using Chrome.

Note: There are applications behind MIS that work best on specific browsers. Therefore, you may opt to use a specific browser if you frequently use one of these applications. (See the Help in the Applications section for a list of the preferred browsers for each application.)